weheartspears said:
yeaaa girl... nice tumblr.. nicki minaj is so perfect... i love her. <3

Anonymous said:
So if you have heard the sonq 'Saxon' . There has been debate if it was Nicki Or Rihanna . Personal , I believe it's Nicki ! What do you think ?

Nicki. I mean it was on the Barbie World mixtape & sounds just like her.

Anonymous said:
i love your blog!!! where do you get all your pictures from?


mainly Google and mypinkfriday.com

filthydiamond said:
So do you think the Roman's Revenge will be Roman Martha Slim Shady and Lil' Tunchi??? that's what im thinking... :)

I doubt there’s gonna be a RR video.
She did Fly & Moment 4 Life already…

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romeo-and-rebecca said:
hey, think you can promote my nicki fanpage please :)


nickiminajpalace said:
Nicki The Angel From Above Check It Out The video We Made For Her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLnvHBddyFQ

We Will!

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